Do you enjoy traveling? Heck, I know I do.

Traveling is not only fun and exciting but beneficial as well. You’ll explore new places, meet new people, broaden your horizons learning other cultures history and background, essentially getting real life education through experiences.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

-Saint Augustine

Benefits of Traveling

Boost confidence

Being in a unfamiliar place helps develop the ability to cope with obstacles while trusting your decisions

More creative

New experiences and insights give different points of view and encourage new ideas

Get to know yourself

You’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses while discovering unknown capabilities through challenging times


A greater network span to have when you need it. Also, gained knowledge of new languages

Lifetime Memories

If you travel with family and friends you’ll create a stronger bond and shared memories

Quality of Life

Improved happiness and peace of mind while lowering stress and the risk of depression

Alright traveling is beneficial but lets be honest it’s not cheap.

Well there are ways to get funds and make the leap easier. Firstly, you could always sell your sell. I know I know you worked hard for it.

Okay you like or even love your things and selling your stuff (car, home, broken gameboy) is out the question. You could take the more practical approach of getting a job. You could apply to work abroad or even find a job doing remote work, which is getting more common in todays world.

In a recent study its proven remote workers are happier and more productive (lets inform all managers).

Lastly, you could save enough for a trip. Give yourself flexibility with your finances and look to visit appealing cities or countries that match your personal taste. Great websites like TravelZoo and NomadList make preparation for a trip easier.