Why did we design these posters and what do they mean?

Love Unleashed

Love Unleashed has many meanings. One meaning is a heart being put together from many different pieces. In life you go through different experiences, meet and love different people. Through it all each piece and place of your heart belongs to different experiences.

Another meaning is the heart is being held within a cage of sorts. Wrapped around the heart are veins. The veins hold the pieces of the heart together as well as preventing them from expanding. The veins can serve as a symbolic reference as someone who is being tied by a rope.

Now for the slight color and clouds surrounding the heart. The color can depend on your outlook with love. It can mean your love is fading or growing, matching the great question on outlook if the glass is half full or empty. The clouds describe the feeling of being in love. When someone is in love they can feel like they are on “cloud 9”. As well, it may serve the meaning of someone having their heads in the clouds when they are in love.

Dreams Aren’t Meant To Expire

Everyone at some point in life had a dream or aspiration on what they wanted to do in life, or even how they wanted to live their life. We wanted the simplicity of the poster to be a reminder that your dreams aren’t meant to expire. If there is something you desire in life we believe you should pursue that endeavor. Accomplishing your dream(s) won’t be an easy task, if it was everyone would be doing it. The only question that remains is if you are going to act on your dreams now or later? Remember, keep dreamin’…

Loading Happiness

Loading Happiness relates to the modern times of people finding happiness in technology. Todays society spends countless hours using digital devices each day. Although technology has made certain aspects of our lives easier, it has as well served as a giant distraction. Much of our time is browsing the web trying to find a way to relieve boredom.

Loading happiness serves as a reminder that although we are surrounded by technology to not forget about our overall happiness. The smiling face symbolizes a loading spinning wheel. The word happiness in itself is being loaded with the letters shaping and filling in completely. The low poly background bright colors evoke feelings of happiness as well as being the many fragments that it takes to shape our happiness.

These are our reasons and explanations on why we created these posters. If you have a different outlook or these posters speak to you differently, drop us a note and we’ll love to hear about it. Like the expression goes, a picture has a thousand words.